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Product Description : DOLOMITE POWDER We are engaged in offering Dolomite (Lumps & Powder) to our clients. Our offered product is a double carbonate rock with composition of calcium and magnesium (proportion varying as per mining zone). Chemically and structurally, this is similar to calcite with half the calcium ions replaced by magnesium. The product offered by us is highly rich in the respective content that further makes it ideal to be used in the processing of paints, detergents, plastic compounds etc. This range is also used as filler in the re-processing of the plastic. Price varies from Rs 1/- to Rs 5/- based on the specification of products. Applications: Paints : Used widely in cement paints, exterior paints, primers, putties, powder coatings and industrial finishes Plastic : Used in PVC footwear, PVC pipes and cables Paper : Used as integral filler in paper to give smoothness and gloss Adhesives : Used in adhesives and carpet backing Rubber : It is used in toothpaste, cosmetic and soap industry
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